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FeaturedWildfires and Climate Change: California’s Energy Future
A Report from Governor Newsom’s Strike Force
Featured Executive Summary Discussion Draft
A Report from the Commission on Catastrophic Wildfire Cost and Recovery
September 23, 2019California cannot fix PG&E by retreating on renewable energy goals
By Jan Smutny-Jones – CalMatters
December 6, 2019Climate change fight a matter of survival
By Dan Jacobson – Capitol Weekly
September 23, 2019Californians Support Actions to Address Climate Change
By Alyssa Dykman and Alvar Escriva-Bou – Public Policy Institute of California
July 16, 2019Will wildfires derail California’s clean energy goals? Let’s get back on track
By Robbie Hunter and Matt Cate – Sacramento Bee
June 11, 2019California seeks 100% clean energy. Why PG&E’s bankruptcy could imperil that plan
By Dale Kasler – Sacramento Bee
June 9, 2019Opinion: Don’t let climate change get in the way of California’s climate goals
By V. John White – Mercury News
April 1, 2019Moody’s – PG&E could create financial headroom by rejecting PPAs, but honoring them is a quicker path through bankruptcy
By Gayle Podurgiel, Clifford J Kim and Angelo Sabatelle – Moody’s Investor Services
February 8, 2019PG&E must honor clean energy commitments
By Tom Kiernan and Abigail Ross Hopper – Sacramento Bee
February 3, 2019PG&E renewable energy contracts tied up in bankruptcy battle
By J.D. Morris – San Francisco Chronicle
January 31, 2019‘A statewide problem.’ How PG&E’s bankruptcy could soil California’s green-energy movement
By Dale Kasler – The Sacramento Bee
January 31, 2019Here’s How PG&E’s Bankruptcy Might Hurt California’s Ambitious Climate Goals
By Lauren Sommer – National Public Radio
January 30, 2019Are California’s solar and wind projects at risk in PG&E bankruptcy?
By Paul Rodgers – Mercury News
January 28, 2019The Looming Bankruptcy Battle Over PG&E’s Renewable Energy Contracts
By Jeff St. John – Greentech Media
January 28, 2019PG&E Bankruptcy’s Ripple Effects Will be Felt Beyond California
By David R Baker – Bloomberg
January 17, 2019PG&E Bankruptcy Could Deal Blow to Its Solar-Power Suppliers’ Finances
By Ivan Penn and Peter Eavis – New York Times
January 16, 2019PG&E Reneging On Renewables Contracts Makes No Sense
By Liam Denning – Bloomberg
January 15, 2019PG&E’s bankruptcy could slow California’s fight against climate change
By Sammy Roth – Los Angeles Times
January 15, 2019PG&E Bankruptcy Threatens California Wildfire Suits, Green-Power Contracts
By Russell Gold, Sara Randazzo and Rebecca Smith – Wall Street Journal